2010-04-29 / Viewpoint

Will fencing on East Court Street South be enough to save lives?

I think that it is all well and good that the city is erecting a fence on each side of the I-69 catwalk, but will that really solve the issue? The posted speed limits on Adams Road, East Court Street South, and Vassar Roads are 25 mph, but you sure would not know it. There has been at least four accidents the last 16 months at the south end of that cat walk, with speed and/or drinking being the major problem.

I would like to see Adams Road and E. Court St. South dead ended at that hazardous corner and that would take care of 95 percent of the traffic that races around that bend. I do applaud the city for some quick action, I just wonder if it will be enough? — W. H. Clanton, Burton

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