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Burton man arrested for operating meth lab

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BURTON — A 24-year-old man was charged March 6 for operating a meth lab.

The man is one of six people who were arrested during a drug bust Feb. 11 by the Flint Area Narcotics unit on a home on Mandeville near Fenton Road.

According to police, there were 15 one-pot meth labs found along with a handgun that belonged to a man.

The lab, known as the “shake and bake,” is made out of two-liter bottles and makes up 75 percent of the meth found in the state in 2010. Cooking meth requires highly combustible components and is very dangerous because the chemicals are highly explosive in nature.

The charges the man is facing are operating a lab with a firearm, operating a lab in front of a minor and operating/ maintaining a meth lab. He still has not been formerly arraigned.

Another charge the man is facing is for another meth lab found in May 2011 at a hotel in Mt. Morris Township.

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