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Police Blotter

Pickpocket reported

BURTON — On June 13, at 11:30 p.m. a Kmart employee from the Belsay Road location called from her home on Christner Road with a larceny complaint. The female employee said between her work hours of 3-9 p.m. early in the day someone took her wallet from her back pocket. She said she was unaware her wallet was missing until she arrived home after her shift. She told police she had not made any purchases during the day. According to the woman the small black wallet contained gift cards, her driver’s license, credit cards, and her social security card. As of June 17 there were no suspects or witnesses to the reported incident. – C.R.

Retail fraud

BURTON — On June 14, at 1 p.m. Two officers were dispatched to Meijer on Center Rd to assist another officer with a larceny in progress. The store’s loss prevention team reported a man wearing tan pants, a black hat, and a green shirt stealing baby formula and liquor, along with a female accomplice dressed from head to toe in orange. It was reported that the female was seen shoving cans of baby formula into a blue bag while in the building. The male as witnessed by employees, ran away down Center Rd. The police found the female carrying two blue bags down Bilsky and stopped her when she turned north on Christner Rd. She admitted she had stolen the formula and told officers her boyfriend was the male who ran away with one bottle of Ciroc Red Berry Vodka. She was then taken into custody, after identifying her by her Sam’s Club Membership Card. After running a scan on the female, 35, it was discovered that she had a traffic warrant from Sterling Heights, a felony warrant for identity theft in Detroit, a misdemeanor warrant for failure to appear out of Grand Rapids, and two warrants in Mt. Morris Twp. for trespassing and larceny. She was transferred to Flint City Lockup. – C.R.

Pitbull attack

BURTON — On June 15, on Carmen Street, two men were seen by police holding a brown pitbull down at the end of a blood-tinged driveway. After witnessing an attack on a neighbor, they proceeded to punch the dog repeatedly until it let go of the victim’s dog. The female victim of the attack reported hearing yelping prior to this event and said she saw her dog being dragged away by the aforementioned pit bull. She ran outside and tried to open the jaw of the pit bull. In doing so, she then had the animal’s teeth clenched down on her hands. She suffered multiple injuries to her right hand, index, and ring finger. EMS was dispatched to the scene and advised the woman to get stitches. The woman said she would get medical assistance from her family physician.

They eventually got the dog into the back of the cruiser and took it to animal control where the pit bull was placed in a holding pen. The owner of the dog said he was taking a nap and didn’t know his pet was on the loose. He said he had no idea how the dog got out of the house. He was issued a citation for an animal at large and told to appear in court on July 21. The dog is with animal control at this time and no longer considered a threat to the community. – C.R.

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